A Brief History of Particle Physics

Are Protons, Neutrons and Electrons the only fundamental particles? Or are there particles more fundamental than these? READ THIS ARTICLE TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF PARTICLE PHYSICS!

Why Time Flows?

We all are quite familiar with the measurement of time. But, what is time? Why does it flow? And, why does it go forward, not backward? READ THIS ARTICLE TO GET ALL THE ANSWERS!

Greatest Mathematicians of India

Maths is a subject which many fear, but there are some daredevils, who fearlessly faced the so called “tyrant” and made peace with it. These heroes put magnificent effort and achieved really big. Here’s a list of three of them who were from India!

Life: Its Beginning and End

How life originated on Earth? What is the Physics of Lide? What are the events which can possible end life on our planet? Read This Article by NAKUL KAUSHIK to get answers to these questions!

The Sum of all Positive Integers upto infinity!

A lot of mystery and hype is created by this special relation. It seems to be unreal. But, after all, its CORRECT.

My book “Astrophysics Simplified” now Published!

The book on which I was working on for an year, "Astrophysics Simplified : A Simple Guide to the Universe" is now available on Amazon (both India and International), Flipkart and Notion Press Store!

“Astrophysics Simplified: A Simple Guide to the Universe” Coming Soon!

The book on which I was working for a year will be published (and listed) within 5 days and will be available on online stores like Amazon (eBook and Printed Version), Flipkart (Printed Version), Google Play Store (eBook version), Notion Press Store (Printed and eBook Version) and many other leading online stores! The book will be distributed both in India and Internationally.

Could Fire Breathing Dragons be Real?

I’m sure you may have heard about dragons, and fire coming out of their mouths. But, have you ever thought about the possibility of their existence? I did, and I was shocked to see that they have a decent chance of really living (or may have lived) on Planet Earth.

Atheists are more Intelligent than Religious People

Science and Religion are considered as antonyms, generally. In your brain also, science and religion are ‘fighting' with each other. Researchers have found that theists are not as smart and intelligent as the atheists. Intelligence is not as important a characteristic to the theists.

The Violent History of our Solar System

The solar system is the gravity-bounded system comprising of the Sun and the objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly, the largest eight are called ‘Planets’ and rest are smaller ones like ‘Asteroids’, ‘Comets’, ‘Dwarf Planets’ etc. and are as important as the bigger ones. In this article, we shall discuss about our home, the solar system and its history which is quite violent!